Premiere Maid Service

Grime Fighters home cleaning services includes, but is not limited to, a thorough cleaning of all common areas of a home including: the bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, and utility/laundry rooms

General cleaning provided for all common areas:
• Dusting all walls, blinds, ceiling fans and ornaments
• Dusting air vents, window sills, chair rails and base boards
• Removal of all cobwebs
• Cleaning of all glass and mirrors
• Dusting and polishing all furniture
• Dusting    all shelves
• Vacuuming all carpeted floor areas
• Sweeping and washing all laminate/tile/hardwood floors
• Collect all trash and put it in one garbage bag
• Place all garbage outside in designated area
• Make all beds and change linens, if placed on bed

Cleaning of the Kitchen Area(s) also includes:
• Cleaning the outside of all kitchen cabinets and appliances
• Cleaning all counter space and kitchen table/chairs
• Cleaning all sinks and polish all chrome fixtures

Cleaning of the Bathroom Area(s) also includes:
• Cleaning glass shower door inside and out
• Polishing all chrome and brass fixtures
• Cleaning sinks and bathtub/shower areas
• Cleaning and sanitize toilet both inside and out
• Shake bathroom rugs outside and return when floor is dry
• Place all dirty cloths and towels in clothes hamper